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Mum's Spaghetti

Winner of a student Academy Award 

Semi-finalist in the Yugo Student BAFTA awards

Screened at Edinburgh International Film Fest

MC mastermind Poppy and her beatboxing border terrier Snoop are the new kids in town – and they’re ready to make their reputation known. Straight As and bubble baths are their way of life – but when confronted by an older crew en-route her first day at school, Poppy quickly changes her tune.

Made at The National Film and Television school, 2023.

Director: Lisa Kenney

Writer: Jack Maraghy, Lisa Kenney
Producer: Emma Grazette
Associate Producer: Martina Buendia Silva
Cinematographer: Toby Lloyd
Production Designer: Luke Stronach
Editor: Harry Foster
Composer: Hannah Barnett
Sound Designer: Luke Barnfather
VFX Lead: Daniel Peoples

Colourist: Mara Ciorba


Spare Pants Box

Live action | 2D | Puppetry

Crafted around a one-minute soundbite from composer; Jean-Marc Eck, Spare Pants Box explores the fear, stigma and embarrassment of any school kid's worst nightmare – wetting yourself in front of your mates.

Director: Lisa Kenney

Producer: Hayder Rothschild Hoozeer
Cinematographer: RJ, Ong
Editor: Max Reynolds
Sound Design: Jean-Marc Eck
Production Assistant: Rich Farris



Character out of Place 

Stop-motion Pixilation

One sleepy village, one noisy giant – what could go wrong? Planned, designed, built, shot and edited over five days; Character out of Place is a fun, fast and heartfelt snapshot of life in another world. 

Giant: Luke Jacobson
Director: Lisa Kenney

Cinematographer: RJ, Ong
Production Designer: Gili Ofri
Editor: Harry Foster
Composer: Harris Forster
Sound Design: Jean-Marc Eck

Title Design: Kalia Yung
Production Assistants: Helena Gonzalez, Karleigh Engelbrecht


The Man

Stop Motion

Dean is a London guard who cannot stand still. Colin is a punk with crippling anxiety. Under the looming pressure of their ever-present fathers hanging over them, the two unlikely friends join forces to stick it to the man.

Director: Lisa Kenney
Writer: Bethan Moore
Editor: Billy Morley
Cinematography Consultant: Toby Lloyd
Production Design Consultant: Gili Ofri

Composer: Jack McKenzie
Sound Design: Marios Themistokleous 
VFX Lead: Gareth Penn

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