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Hiya! You alright?

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You look nice.

Writing about yourself in the third person is a bit weird, init? But in the spirit of professionalism, I'll give it my best shot. I promise I'm not this braggy in real life.*

Born storyteller, proud northerner and self-confessed stop motion nerd, Lisa Kenney is an animation director with something to say. With comedy at the core of her practice, she strives to tell authentic, grounded and gritty stories with integrity and wit – pushing the boundaries of what animation can be in a bid to represent characters that might not have gotten a look in otherwise.

A BAFTA Scholar, a National Film and Television School graduate and a mentee under the guidance of Mark Baker (Peppa Pig) and Andy Symanowski (Aardman), Lisa is ready and excited for wherever life behind the camera takes her next.

*Well... maybe just a little bit. 

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